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How do I share my files?

Either drag & drop them into our uploader, or click the upload box to select your file. Once the upload is complete, we will issue you a unique URL which you can share with others who can then download the file instantly.

What can I upload?

Just keep it legal. Zippy File was built with love, to allow everybody to be able to share their files. We'll be able to keep offering the service as long as the files shared aren't breaking any laws.

How do I download a file?

It's very easy (yet we still get asked this a lot). When you've been sent a file URL, simply click the "download" button. Free users will need to wait a few seconds before the button will be available.

Why was my file removed?

Files must adhere to our terms of use in order to remain hosted on Zippy File, repeatedly reported files will be automatically removed.

How many downloads per file?

We do not impose bandwidth limits, your uploads can be continuously downloaded until the file is either deleted, or it expires.